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Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village's leader and strongest ninja.
Years: (2002–2007)
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
IMDb Rating: 8.3
Last Updated: 9 Mar, 2010

Latest files added
Naruto - S01E(214-215)(Double Episode) - Keshisaritai kako (AVI) (Aired: 21 December 2006)
Ran wants to kill Menma, upon seeing the mark on his arm, but Neji stands in the way, saying it would be unfair to kill a criminal without any memories of his crimes. Ran finally agrees and... See full summary »
Naruto - S01E99 - Hi no ishi o tsugumono (AVI) (Aired: 1 September 2004)
Tsunade gets to work as the fifth hokage and Konohamaru acts out of turn.
Naruto - S01E98 - Ninja wo yamero! Tsunade no tsûkoku (AVI) (Aired: 25 August 2004)
Naruto and the others are assailed by Ruiga, the first evil ninja, who can draw water from the earth to use as weapons. They are nearly overcome by his attack when Naruto suddenly discovers a way to reverse the odds of their battle!
Naruto - S01E97 - Naruto no yukemuri chin dôchû (AVI) (Aired: 18 August 2004)
Naruto help some guys make Tsunade pay her debt and Jiraiya spends the day in a spa waiting for pretty girls.
Naruto - S01E96 - Sansukumi no tatakai (AVI) (Aired: 11 August 2004)
Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru all release their summoning jutsu. And a fierce battle begins. Jiraiya and Tsunade join forces against Orochimaru. Despite her injuries, Tsunade desperately ... See full summary »
Naruto - S01E93 - Kôshô ketsuretsu!! (AVI) (Aired: 28 July 2004)
Gripped by the desire to see Nawaki and Dan, Tsunade almost succumbs to Orochimaru's tempting offer. But seeing Nawaki and Dan's dreams carried on by Naruto, she breaks off the deal. ... See full summary »
Naruto - S01E92 - YES ka! NO ka! Tsunade no kaitô (AVI) (Aired: 21 July 2004)
Naruto practices hard so he can win the necklace from Tsunade. Meanwhile, Tsunade is in a dilemma over Orochimaru's offer. Her hesitation to promptly refuse leads Kabuto to assume she'll take the offer.
Naruto - S01E91 - Shodai Hokage no isan Shi o yobu kubikazari (AVI) (Aired: 14 July 2004)
Naruto learns Tsunade's story.
Naruto - S01E90 - Ikari bakuhatsu! Yurusanêttebayo (AVI) (Aired: 7 July 2004)
Jiraiya and Naruto finally find Tsunade as she groans within herself contemplating Orochimaru's offer.
Naruto - S01E89 - Hamon (AVI) (Aired: 23 June 2004)
Naruto continues with the third phase of his training to learn a new technique, while Orochimaru meets Tsunade and asks for her help.
Naruto - S01E88 - Konoha mâku to hitai ate (AVI) (Aired: 16 June 2004)
Naruto progresses in his training as Jiraiya is closer to tracking down Tsunade; but Orochimaru is after her too.
Naruto - S01E87 - Konjou!!! Warero mizufuusen (AVI) (Aired: 9 June 2004)
Under Jiraiya's tutelage Naruto learns to train like a ninja and not a kid, by himself.
Naruto - S01E86 - Shugyou kaishi Ore wa zettê tsuyokunaru! (AVI) (Aired: 2 June 2004)
Naruto and Jiraiya continue their journey in search of Tsunade and decide to stop in a city to rest, there, the toads hermit teaches a new technique to Naruto.
Naruto - S01E85 - Orokanaru otouto yo urame, nikume! (AVI) (Aired: 26 May 2004)
The arrival of Jiraiya saves Naruto from Kisame's attack, while Sasuke fights his brother and learns the strength difference between them.
Naruto - S01E84 - Unare Chidori Hoero Sasuke (AVI) (Aired: 19 May 2004)
Naruto is surprised by the arrival of the two Akatsuki members, while Sasuke thinks back to the day he saw his brother for the last time.
Naruto - S01E83 - Oo, nô! Jiraiya no jonan, Naruto no sainan (AVI) (Aired: 12 May 2004)
Naruto starts his journey with Jiraiya, while Sasuke is angry and frustrated, because of the progress shown by his team-mate during the fight against Gaara.
Naruto - S01E82 - Sharingan vs Sharingan!! (AVI) (Aired: 5 May 2004)
While Naruto prepares to go on a new adventure, Kakashi struggles to fight fellow Sharingan-user Itachi, former ninja of Konoha Village and member of a mysterious organization.
Naruto - S01E81 - Asagiri no kikyou (AVI) (Aired: 28 April 2004)
While the people of Konoha are trying to rebuild the village and go back to their normal lives, the appearance of two mysterious man threatens to disturb the newly-found peace.
Naruto - S01E80 - Sandaime yo, towa ni......!! (AVI) (Aired: 21 April 2004)
The villagers of Konoha unhappily go to the funeral of The Third Hokage.
Naruto - S01E79 - Rimitto bucchigiri!: Hikari to yami (AVI) (Aired: 14 April 2004)
Once all women and children are evacuated, the Hidden Leaf Village launches its counter attack; Naruto defeats Gaara and Orochimaru has something precious taken from him.
Naruto - S01E78 - Bakuhatsu! Korezo Naruto ninpouchô (AVI) (Aired: 7 April 2004)
Naruto unleashes his handbook on Gaara and Gaara's true form is revealed.
Naruto - S01E76 - Tsukiyo no ansatsusha (AVI) (Aired: 24 March 2004)
Through Gaara's migraines we discover his tormented childhood and from where his illness of life began. Meanwhile, Naruto decides to face him to protect his best friends.
Naruto - S01E75 - Genkai o koete... Sasuke no ketsudan!! (AVI) (Aired: 17 March 2004)
The battle between Gaara and Sasuke continues and the monster inside the sand boy seems to feed on his old wounds. To neutralize the powerful opponent, the pupil of Kakashi goes beyond his limits with devastating consequences.