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Airwolf (in TV)
Airwolf is an American television series that ran from 1984 through 1987. The program concerned a high-tech military helicopter, code named Airwolf, and her crew as they undertook various missions, many involving espionage, with a Cold War theme. The show was created by Donald Bellisario. The first three seasons starred Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, and (from the second season onwards) Jean Bruce Scott. The final season, for the USA Network, was recast. The show had a musical score (orchestral-based in the first and early second season episodes; synthesizer-based thereafter) composed and performed by Sylvester Levay.
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Season 3 - Episodes
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Airwolf - S03E01 - The Horn of Plenty (AVI) (Aired: 1985-09-28)
Hawke takes a seemingly luxurious Santini Air job, piloting and accompanying a beautiful, high-flying business woman for a few days, but ends up duped into being hypnotised in an elaborate plot by master criminal John Bradford Horn. Horn has desire to take over a small country as his own, and intends to have the hypnotised Hawke deliver Airwolf to him so he can use the chopper's fierce fire-power to succeed in his goal...
Airwolf - S03E02 - Airwolf II (AVI) (Aired: 1985-10-05)
Hawke is at a friend's prestigious ceremony when Archangel pulls him out and accuses him of being involved in a robbery the previous night in which items that could be used by Airwolf were stolen by thieves in a helicopter matching the Santini Air chopper. But Archangel is suspended by the Firm, who've built a new model of Airwolf – Airwolf II, called 'Redwolf', and piloted by Harlan ""Tex"" Jenkins, who worked on the original Airwolf project and has always insisted that he, not Dr. Moffett, was the true creator. But things backfire for the Firm when Jenkins steals Airwolf II - and before he hands it over to the foreign agents he's in league with, he plans a showdown with his old rival – Stringfellow Hawke; a duel that brings Airwolf vs. Airwolf...
Airwolf - S03E03 - And a Child Shall Lead (AVI) (Aired: 1985-10-12)
String is aided in the rescue of a kidnapped industrial designer by the man's retarded son.
Airwolf - S03E04 - Fortune Teller (AVI) (Aired: 1985-10-19)
Hawke and Dominic arrive for a rendezvous with Archangel in the desert, only to find his jeep abandoned and no sign of him. The F.I.R.M., who have reason to believe that he has turned traitor, give him 48 hours to be found before they send in the Zebra squad – an assassination squad that take out suspected traitors. Dominic asks for the help of a reluctant psychic in finding Archangel's whereabouts, much to Hawke's scepticism. Archangel is actually being held by a rich crime baron who is determined to get his hands on ""The Fortune Teller"" – an in-flight device that out-guesses the opponent's next move - of which Archangel has been involved of the development...
Airwolf - S03E05 - Crossover (AVI) (Aired: 1985-10-26)
String falls for the Czech woman scientist, whom he's helping defect to the west.
Airwolf - S03E06 - Kingdom Come (AVI) (Aired: 1985-11-02)
When a professional group of thieves steal a batch of thermonuclear detonators, which can cause mass destruction if they fall into the wrong hands, Archangel has reason to suspect that the robbery was an inside job, and sends Hawke and Santini to use Airwolf to track down the detonators before they can be used by the criminals. Meanwhile, while Hawke and Dom are busy tracking down the detonators, a man arrives at Santini Air asking Caitlin to give him flying lessons, and soon strikes up a romance with her – but unbeknown to her, he is actually an ex-F.I.R.M. employee who was the inside man on the robbery, and now plans to use her in a trap to get his hands on Airwolf, which he intends to use to fly the detonators out of the country with...
Airwolf - S03E07 - Eagles (AVI) (Aired: 1985-11-09)
At a National Air Race show, Hawke and Dominic befriend an attractive pilot racer, unaware that she's being pursued by her boss and his henchmen after stealing some tapes that can prove that a new combat jet is too unstable to be flown – something that her boss is determined to cover up at any cost...
Airwolf - S03E08 - Annie Oakley (AVI) (Aired: 1985-11-16)
When ""The Mongoose"", a new laser weapon, is stolen, the thieves fall out, and one of them contacts The F.I.R.M. with hope of returning the weapon for reward. Archangel sends Hawke, with Dominic and Caitlin, to work undercover as stunt men at a travelling Wild West show where the man is hiding out, but when their contact is killed in a suspicious ""accident"", it's up to them to find out the whereabouts of the weapon for themselves before the thieves can sell it to foreign agents...
Airwolf - S03E09 - Jennie (AVI) (Aired: 1985-11-23)
Arriving in Airwolf in a war-torn South American country, Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin rendezvous with ""living legend"" freedom fighter leader El Gato, in a mission to rescue a US scientist who is being held captive. Dominic and Caitlin wait at the pick-up point as Hawke and El Gato set off on the rescue bid, but during the escape after locating the scientist, El Gato is killed, and Hawke's radio to Airwolf is destroyed. Hiding in from the pursing terrorist army in the area's dense growth, Hawke and the rather arrogant scientist meet a teacher and her group of hearing-impaired children, who are homeless after village was destroyed by the terrorists. Hawke attempts to lead the group to safety as they head to the pick-up point, trying to find a new home for the teacher and her students, and all the time avoiding the terrorist army along the way...
Airwolf - S03E10 - The Deadly Circle (AVI) (Aired: 1985-11-30)
The families of one of String's friends from Vietnam are kidnapped along with Dom and Caitlin by people seeking revenge against those who destroyed their village during the Vietnam conflict.
Airwolf - S03E11 - Where Have All the Children Gone? (AVI) (Aired: 1985-12-14)
At the funeral of a Vietnam comrade, Hawke takes it upon himself to deliver the man's coffin flag and Congressional Medal of Honour to the soldier's brother, Billy Fargo. But arriving in the small rural town where Fargo is reported to be living, he finds the whole area inhabited solely by youths, all under their ""father"" Fargo's influence. Fargo emerges to be a deranged ""peace-loving"" hippie, who, with his wily cohort Sabrina, is planning to use the youngsters to help in a plot to make a destructive anti-nuclear statement to the world...
Airwolf - S03E12 - Half-Pint (AVI) (Aired: 1985-12-21)
String decides to adopt St. John's Amerasian son when theson's discovery points to St. John being dead.
Airwolf - S03E13 - Wildfire (AVI) (Aired: 1986-01-11)
Dominic introduces Hawke and Caitlin to an old friend, Big Cec – the owner of an oil drilling company in the desert, and his son Little Cec, who works at the company. But they find themselves walking into the middle of a feud that has emerged between the two since the death of Big Cec's wife. With Dom staying with the pair for a few days, he is shocked to learn that Little Cec was thrown out of college for selling marijuana, and is even more concerned when he discovers that he now is being forced by a head of the oil company to make drug runs in part of a drug smuggling operation. Dom sets about trying to put things right, but it is no easy task going against the ruthless drug runners...
Airwolf - S03E14 - Discovery (AVI) (Aired: 1986-01-18)
A man who once failed to steal Airwolf is given a second chance when a young lady he knows stumbles upon its hiding place.
Airwolf - S03E15 - Day of Jeopardy (AVI) (Aired: 1986-01-25)
After Tess Dixon, the wife of infamous crime-lord Cullen Dixon, escapes his bodyguards while swimming in the sea at night, Archangel asks Hawke and Santini to deliver her safely via Airwolf to a top-secret location, where she will testify against a cartel of corrupt businessmen who are plotting to assassinate high-ranking officials in Washington. Tess is an old flame of Hawke's, something which makes him very reluctant to accept the mission, before he finally agrees, but they come under continual attack as Cullen Dixon's men aim to see that Tess never makes it to testify...
Airwolf - S03E16 - Little Wolf (AVI) (Aired: 1986-02-01)
String and Dom become involved in a custody dispute when a friend of Strings who was about to be divorced dies leaving his wife and mother to battle for his infant son.
Airwolf - S03E17 - Desperate Monday (AVI) (Aired: 1986-02-08)
At Caitlin’s sorority reunion kidnappers after one of her “sisters” bungle the job and end up holding the whole reunion hostage.
Airwolf - S03E18 - Hawke's Run (AVI) (Aired: 1986-02-15)
String discovers that an old friend is a double agent when a schematic he was to turn over to the FIRM is stolen.
Airwolf - S03E19 - Break-In at Santa Paula (AVI) (Aired: 1986-02-22)
The wife of a deceased old friend of Hawke's begs him to rescue her son Terry, who is in a corrupt Mexican prison after being framed, with a bad heart condition. After visiting the prison posing as the boy's uncle, in order to survey the layout, Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin make the rescue bit; but the attempt fails when Terry attempts to take an ill friend with them, causing Hawke himself to be captured and held in the prison...
Airwolf - S03E20 - The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (AVI) (Aired: 1986-03-15)
Hawke is doing some late-night fishing on the lake outside his cabin, when he sees a helicopter fly over and drop a body into the water. Pulling the unconscious, dumped young woman out and taking her to hospital, he finds that the girl has amnesia due to her trauma, but doctor's examination indicates that she is a drug user and worked as a prostitute. Hawke sets out to help the girl find out her true identity, and just what trouble she was in that had led to people trying kill her - but when the hit-men who had dumped her into the lake find out that she is still alive, they set out to see that neither girl or Hawke are around to uncover the truth about her...
Airwolf - S03E21 - Tracks (AVI) (Aired: 1986-03-22)
String takes group of wheelchair-bound Vietnam war vets on a mountain hike adventure, but they wind up fighting for thier lives when a deranged mountain man, wants them off his mountain at any cost.
Airwolf - S03E22 - Birds of Paradise (AVI) (Aired: 1986-03-29)
String comes to the aid of his nephew who asks String for help when his mother disappears for a week.


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