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Alphas - Fztvseries
Five people with superhuman abilities, named Alphas, use them to maintain justice. The Alphas' abilities range from extra sensory hearing and sight through to one who can see radio waves and television transmissions. They discover that a group with similar abilities who used them to commit crime, although once thought to have been beaten and eliminated, have returned stronger and more organised than before.
Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2012

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pls upload episode 9 and 10
plz upload S1 E8 does it just go to E11 ???? plz upload S2 E 9 and 10 thanks
S2 ep 9 10 plz
Season 2 ,E9 and E10 (this is not the only TV series episodes are missing. (is there any reason y episodes r not there )
Pleasee is season 3 out yet?
Season 2 ep 9 nd 10..plzzzz
Season 2 ep's 9 & 10 pls!!!!!!!
kindly upload episode 9 and 10. please
please upload episode 9 and 10 of season 2 pleeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee. thank you
There isn't a season 3! As sheldon Cooper from big bang theory found out LoL
And where is episode 9 & 10 in season 2
And where is episode 9 & 10 in season 2
And where is episode 9 & 10 in season 2
If u guys need those e 2 9 10 u have to click AVI to download it if u need it nw pls upload so3 thanks ur guys ur doing a good job
Remember children(JP take note) u don't pay a dime for the service given. Be grateful and be respectful. They are doing an awesome job
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