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Wild Cards - MobileTvShows
Wild Cards
A spirited con woman and a demoted by-the-book detective are given the chance to redeem themselves. The catch? They have to find a way to work together each using their unique skills to solve crimes.
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Last Updated: 14 Mar, 2024

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Wild Cards
Wild Cards - S01E10 - Romancing the Egg (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2024-03-20)
Ellis is drawn into a case involving Max, her ex, and a world-famous Imperial egg, where a cat-and-mouse heist tests their friendship, their partnership, and their trust in each other.

Stars: Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Dewshane Williams
Writer(s): Marcus Robinson, Kristin Slaney, James Thorpe
Wild Cards
Wild Cards - S01E09 - Inside (Con)Man (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2024-03-06)
When Max is taken hostage during a bank robbery, Ellis goes against protocol to secretly infiltrate the bank, where he and Max work together to negotiate the release of hostages.

Stars: Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Terry Chen
Director(s): Alexandra La Roche
Writer(s): Marsha Greene, Kristin Slaney, Jade Tremblay
Wild Cards
Wild Cards - S01E08 - Eternal Sunshine of the Therapized Mind (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2024-02-28)
When a celebrated therapist and best-selling author is cuddled, a bickering Max and Ellis go undercover as a married couple at her wellness retreat and discover more than their chakras.

Stars: Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Terry Chen
Director(s): Winnifred Jong
Writer(s): Kristin Slaney, Jade Tremblay, Alexandra Zarowny
Wild Cards
Wild Cards - S01E07 - Con With the Wind (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2024-02-21)
George gets a three-day pass from jail to spend his birthday with Max and feels the urge to pull one more con; Ellis helps a troubled youth charged with breaking and entering after he discovers it's a teen his brother used to know.

Stars: Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Terry Chen
Director(s): Winnifred Jong
Writer(s): Michael Konyves, Marcus Robinson, Seneca Aaron
Wild Cards
Wild Cards - S01E06 - Dead of Night (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2024-02-21)
Max and Ellis go behind-the-scenes of a long-running vampire TV show when a stalker sends cryptic death threats to the cast. Max opens up to Ellis about her mom.

Stars: Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Michael Xavier
Director(s): Shawn Piller
Writer(s): Michael Konyves, Robina Lord-Stafford, Kristin Slaney


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