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10 The Rise of Darkrai (2007) from Pokemon Movies - MobileTVshowsFile: 10 The Rise of Darkrai (2007).avi

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Episode Plot: 10 The Rise of Darkrai (2007)
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Episode Screenshot
On their way to participate in
the next Pokémon Contest, Ash
and his friends have come to
Alamos Town, where they meet
a girl named Alice, and her
Chimchar. The two run a hot-
air balloon that takes travelers
into Alamos Town.
While Alice is showing them
around the town, her friend,
Tonio, sits in his lab, reading
Godey's diary. It tells of Alice's
grandmother, Alicia, who was
playing in the garden one day
when she was a little girl.
Suddenly, she sees a Luxray
trying to attack something,
when all of a sudden it is
engulfed by a strange orb that
puts it to sleep. Alicia runs to it,
then sees Darkrai laying under
a tree. It is hurt, and she helps
it to heal by playing Oracion on
her leaf whistle.
We return to where Alice is
showing our heroes around the
garden. Ash, Dawn and Brock
let their Pokémon out to play in
the garden, and Piplup sees a
berry on a tree. It reaches for
it, but another Pokémon eats
it. Angered, Piplup starts to
fight, and Ash, Dawn, and Brock
are about to intervene to
separate them when Alice
starts to play "Oracion" on her
leaf whistle. When she finishes,
all the Pokémon are calm. As
she starts to explain about the
song, a Gallade runs up to
them, motioning for them to
follow. It leads them to where
the garden has been distorted.
Then, Baron Alberto, an
influential man of the town,
arrives on the scene. Alberto is
confident that the devastation
is the work of the legendary
Pokémon Darkrai. Then, from
the ominous shadows, Darkrai
suddenly appears before them.
Darkrai tells them to, "Go
away!" and it attacks with a
Dark Void that hits Ash and
puts him to sleep.
Ash dreams that Pikachu is
killed, but Pikachu shocks him
awake from out of the
nightmare he is having. As Ash
and friends leave the Pokémon
Center, Tonio runs up to them
and tells them that Space- Time
is about to be destroyed.
Thinking that it's Darkrai, Ash
and friends go off to find the
Pokémon. Just at that moment,
a fierce battle between Dialga
and Palkia is unfolding in an
interval of space-time. Space-
time is torn apart by the
collision of terrible energies.
Through the tear, Alamos Town
can be seen.
After all the Pokémon are at
the Pokémon center, Alamos
Town is completely covered in a
massive fog which can not be
cleared off and causes anything
which attempts to leave the
town to be reversibly entering
the town, resulting in no
possible escape. Baron still
believes that it was still Darkrai
who had caused all this. All the
trainers follow Baron to
confront Darkrai, but Ash,
Brock, and Dawn do not go
along listening to Tonio, who
doesn't believe Darkrai is up to
this. He believes Darkrai is good
since he had saved Alice in their
childhood. It is revealed that
the two of them were playing
in the garden when Alice
tripped off the cliff and fell.
Tonio ran to her (knowing that
he would fail) but a silhouette
of Darkrai zipped out and
caught Alice just before
crashing. Hearing that, the trio
now agree that it was not
Darkrai who caused the havoc.
Tonio explains that the
distortion caused from the
spiritual images of the sleeping
Pokémon was caused by an
multidimensional disturbance
from when Palkia entered the
realm. Later that evening, Tonio
finds Palkia resting between
the towers. Darkrai, who was
fighting Baron, instead tries to
attack the resting Palkia. Ash
then realizes that was what
Darkrai was trying to tell him in
his nightmare, that the two
legendary Pokémon are waging
As Palkia and Darkrai battle,
Palkia switches the town back
into its home dimension. But as
Palkia is about to hit Darkrai
with one of its attacks, Dialga
opens fire on the two and
immediately runs into Palkia,
thus continuing it. As they
brawl, the entire town is going
to dissipate into nothing (due
to the severe injury suffered
from Palkia). Darkrai constantly
fails to fend them off as the
town evacuates into the
garden. After Tonio reads a
passage from Godey's diary,
Alice hears the word "Oración"
which means Prayer in Spanish
and that is the name of the
song she plays on the leaf
whistle. Tonio indicates that
"Oración is the song that could
soothe even the fiercest rage".
They realize that they must
play Oración on the towers'
musical instrument to stop
Dialga and Palkia from their
After finding the music disc,
Ash, Dawn, Alice and Tonio begin
to head up the tower by
balloon as Brock helps Nurse
Joy evacuate the townspeople.
On their way up, Dialga fires its
Roar of Time while Palkia stands
in between the balloon and
Dialga. Palkia dodges the
attack, leaving the beam to
crossfire with the balloon.
Darkrai instantly comes to the
rescue and takes the massive
blow from Dialga. However, in
the process Palkia and Dialga fly
by the balloon, causing heavy
damage, and leaving Ash and
Dawn to travel up by foot
which takes a lot of time. Dialga
and Palkia continue their
confrontation and now they
are going to deal the final blow.
Dialga is charging its Roar of
Time while Palkia charges its
Spacial Rend. When both the
legendary Pokémon discharge
their attacks, Darkrai crosses
the attacks' line and forms a
sphere around him to absorb
the massive impulse that would
wreck the entire location.
Baron who had already turned
back to himself then believes
Darkrai was not the foe. As Ash
and Dawn make their way up
the tower, they watch as
Darkrai's sphere gets weaker
and eventually shrinks. The
dragons, fed up with the Dark
Pokémon intervening with their
battle, both shoot Darkrai from
both sides. Having almost no
armor or the energy left, he
bravely takes the destructive
blow and disintegrates as he
floats up into the air. Everyone
looks on with the fear that
now that Darkrai had perished,
they too would suffer the same
fate in the next moment. Tonio
then mentions that if the
dragons' signature moves collide
once more, their dimension will
be completely destroyed.
Ash and Dawn then end up
running to the musical
instrument, only to find that
the electrical power source is
down (as the dimension itself
was disintegrating). Ash's
Pikachu and Dawn's Pachirisu
provide their electricity to get
the machine running. The song
plays loud throughout the small
section of what's left of the
town. The song successfully
calms the dragons down, Dialga
flees and Palkia restores
everything back, returning
Alamos Town to how it originally
was along with the townspeople
and the Pokémon living in the
At dusk, Ash, Dawn, Brock, Alice
and Tonio thank Darkrai and
respect everything that he had
done for them. A tear of
condolence and thanks for
Darkrai drips down Alice's face.
Ash and Dawn began to cry,
both knowing they would
probably never see Darkrai
again. As they walk away, Ash
stops as he sees a shadow on
the cliffside. He along with
everyone else looks back at
the cliff. Later on the Space-
Time Towers, they find Darkrai
standing heroically on top.
Everyone is relieved that he is
safe and Alice cuddles next to
Tonio as they look onto Darkrai
who then glares with a lit up
eye, as the film quickly fades. In
the end credits, it shows the
aftermath occurring after
everything, such as the
Pokémon contest which Dawn
competes in (which the girl with
the Infernape wins). Not too
long after, it shows Dialga
hovering towards its next
destination awaiting a battle,
which will start the next
adventure Ash, Dawn and Brock
will face.
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